Welcome to our web of Nort Brun kennel.
You may know us thanks to our famous chihuahuas. They were often champions in different contests.
Today we are focusing on large peruvian hairless dogs.

History of Nort Brun breeding in Brno

How to all began?

          In year 1999 was in magazine Dog world photography of mexican hairless - Šolo. I fell in love with him, but there was no one in Czech Republic. In 2000, December me and my husband visited to married couple Fišerovi from Brno, where we saw real hairless - Perro sin pelo del Perú.        

          I discovered a breeding of Peruan hairless in Prag - Czech Republic. There was puppies which father called Dájinek was the first Peruan hairless in Czech. So, we reserved the biggest one and straight off went there. 4.2.2001 we became the owners of hairless puppy – Buddy from breeding station Měsíční květina. He became a georgeous dog, but a little dainty.        

          We wanted a girl for him. In breeding station Delfino Can in Peru had small puppy girls. 26.11.2002 we brought into Czech Republic two real Peruan hairless girls. Encada DelFino Can we call her Inka and she was 9 month old, Floor Decanela Delfino Can we call her Lima and she was 4 months old. Each of them now have a lot of a awards from clubs or biger contests.        

Why has our kennel extended?

          In 2005, we had the third litter (litter-C) of PENA puppies. Mother was an imported female Encantada (Inka), father Agir from Krásný Botič. Three hairless female puppies were born and we decided to leave one of them with us. It took us a long time to decide which one, but eventually we chose the female that was very similar to her mother – Cinie, we call her “Cusco”.        

What we did not expect!

          At the end of 2005, there was a problem at a foreign breeding station, and we had agreed with this very station to co-owning of one of our dogs from B-litter, the dog was supposed to live at this breeding station. On 27th December 2005, we went to that breeding station and brought the dog back and thought we would offer his co-owning to a new applicant. But in a very short time, Blacky became heavily dependent on us, so it was impossible to pass him away without any psychological harm. So Blacky stayed with us too. The dogs have changed our lives; we devote all our free time to our Peruvian Hairless Dogs.        

Cynology activity

          A five-member ill-behaved kennel in the middle of the city is absolutely a tragedy – we suddenly started to be aware of it. So, at the beginning of 2006, Cinie “Cusco” and Blacky started to take the obedience training lessons. We started to be interested in dog sports being aware that a dog must be bored, let alone a kennel of big dogs. In the spring 2006, we started coursing with Flor, Blacky and young and wild Cinie. They all took a fancy in it immediately the first time.  They gradually got a licence at MCS, they run BCC trainings. They all run successfully races both in our country, and in Slovakia. In 2007, we started agility with Blacky; he is very quick and clever; a little later, Lima joined him, she is even quicker and cleverer. At the end of 2007, we began attending training lessons with Cinie.        

          What about the other two? The imported Encantada “Inka” is my companion on every journey by car and Buddy “Holík” accompanies my husband. They just split it; each of them knows what his/her task is and when his/her duties start.        

We will inform you about all success or failure of our kennel on the front page or in the box of each of our doggies.