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You may know us thanks to our famous chihuahuas. They were often champions in different contests.
Today we are focusing on large peruvian hairless dogs.

BLACKY NORT BRUN * 18.5.2004 +9.9.2020

BLACKY NORT BRUN * 18.5.2004 +9.9.2020

 WW-09, WWV-15, RES.EW-08, Czech and Slovak grand champion, Czech and Slovak champion, Slovak junior beauty champion, national winner, club winner, Slovak winner, multiple BOB, coursing winner Czech Republic - 2006,2007, 2008, multiple coursing champion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, tests ZOP, ZZO, BH, was the father of 8 litters with 41 puppies, which live not only in many European countries but also in the USA.

The dog with the lucky star left. It was Wednesday - the magic date 9/9/2020 - pleasant afternoon, we - Blacky and Smurf as usual we walk on the Chernivtsi embankment and Blacky watched me as usual or rather watched treats, ran around me and in front of me, I slowly walked around the tree in the level footpaths where Blacky sniffed, below him the bank of the river Svitava, I walked around after about 5 or more meters my head flashed, that Blacky is not the best, he could fall into the water, I came back and Blacky was not here, like he would disappear, perhaps he would not return, he would not be confused, sometimes it happens to him when he does not see me immediately. I call, I whistle, I come back and nothing, I only hear something from the other bank to the dog and the cyclist calls me to see if I'm looking for a dog, he sees him in the water in a reflective T-shirt, as the current carries him away

Police, but unfortunately it will not help us, because the dog is in the river. The current did not seem strong and the cyclist calls out that he can no longer see him and that he is going to look for him, I went down to the water, went downstream and nowhere, Blacky seemed to fall to the ground, the lord returned on the other bank, where I was, I was afraid that I would climb into the water, in the meantime my grandson called me and so the whole family found out what happened that the river took Blacky, Míša came to me by 20 minutes, we went to the confluence of the rivers Svratky and Svitavy, taking the shore upstream, believed we would see it somewhere, asked pedestrian cyclists, just nothing. . . . . . . . . . I walk both banks of Svitavy every day, maybe the day will come when the river will release it. . . . . . . both the MP in Brno, the shelter, and thanks to Mrs. K.H. and further down the river Svratka. . . . . . through Dog Detective, much, many more had learned of Blacky's loss. . . . even though Blacky is no longer with us, I would still like to bury Blacky's body myself and not the Svitava River. . . . . . . . . Blackoušek, your special departure hurts so badly we are looking for you and we will be looking for you, we can never forget you amazing šikulko


Today, ie on Monday, September 14, 2020, after 5 days, the Svitava River finally released the body of Blacky Nort Brun, the assumption became a reality. Thank you all for your participation, thank you to Mrs. Kateřina H. for your help in finding, thank you for sharing.