Welcome to our web of Nort Brun kennel.
You may know us thanks to our famous chihuahuas. They were often champions in different contests.
Today we are focusing on large peruvian hairless dogs.

"Šmoulička" Jannet Nort Brun is 9 years old * 11.01.2021

January is the year 2021 and Šmoulička already has 9 today.
(11.01.2021) Nine years ran away like water, Smurf was such a frightened puppy with a ear a little to the side, which needed a dog group around. At 4 months she developed an allergy, but no one knew yet that it would be a lifelong allergy in the mucous membranes, which occurs very rarely in dogs. . . . . . and Šmoulička became a member of a large dog party. . . . . . . . . . and so time went on and Smurf struggled with allergies, first taking one ATB, then another and another, then it all stopped, but the allergy never sleeps and reappears when you least expect it, and it was the turn of the vaccine and again first one and then another and another and they made it once there and then again, the European laboratories already knew Smurfette, who learned to live with allergies and we all with her, and the dog group finally reconciled with Smurfette and Smurfess could not live without them, she accompanied her everywhere all her life, even though her partners gradually disappeared with age. . . . even though Šmoulička has a handicap, he is a very skilful hard - working dog,. . . . well and we started working together, training, first we tried tricks, obedience and also a few performance tests and then nosework appeared, which is nose work. . . . . . . The smurf fell in love with him, and today she is a big šikulka, with many exams, she just finds everything she wants, and she also has an obedience exam and we train for more and higher exams. . . . . . . . . . for most training events she was always accompanied by a partner or all of them, she felt safe next to them. . . . . and suddenly the day came when she was left alone. . . . . . . . . . it's been 4 months and he's still getting used to it. . . . . especially those evenings when someone is still missing. . . . . . . . . . maybe the day will come soon and I will know that we will bring a new, albeit small, friend to Smurfette

 Our beloved Smurf, we wish you a lot and a lot of health, happiness, joy
and also the other partner next to whom you will have your safety again.