Welcome to our web of Nort Brun kennel.
You may know us thanks to our famous chihuahuas. They were often champions in different contests.
Today we are focusing on large peruvian hairless dogs.

SUNDAY - continuation of the exhibition weekend in Czech Budejovice

21.09.2014 - 17:27:00

IDS České Budějovice (CZ) * 21.09.2014 - Judge:Beradze Iuza (CZ)

BRISS Nort Brun (Jed) - veteran class: exc.1, BOV,  2. platze BIS veterán (owner: K. Bidařová)

IRMA Nort Brun (Salma) - open class: exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB (owner: K. Bidařová)

JACKIE Nort Brun - open class: exc.2, res. CAC (owner: M. Počinková)

Dog Show weeken in Czech Budejovice - our litters (CZ) SATURDAY

21.09.2014 - 10:12:40

20.09.2014 * * Club Dog Show KCHN CR * České Budějovice  (CZ) Judge: Antonín Mudra

BRISS Nort Brun  (Jed)  * vet.class: exc.1, BOV, BOB, 1. BIS veterán, 1. Platz BIS !!!!

IRMA Nort Brun (Salma) * champion class : exc.1, CAC, BOS (owner: K. Bidařová)

JACKIE Nort Brun *  open class: V1, CAC (owner: M. Počinková)

Briss + Irma - 2nd platze - Best couple of Dog Show